Goals and Objectives

* To create synergy across the diverse development interventions of the

Don Bosco institutions and organizations for concerted action, wider reach and greater impact * To build consensus on key sectors and specific areas of focus for Don Bosco development activities and appropriate intervention strategies at national level

* To showcase and disseminate best practices, success stories and replicable models of our partner networks
* To provide forums for sharing, learning, and information exchange and leverage the expertise and knowledge base of our partner networks
* To advocate, dialogue and lobby with the government, the corporate sector, other development actors and key stakeholders at national and international levels for strategic development activities of the partner networks
* To represent Don Bosco India’s development vision and strategy in national and international forums, and participate on its behalf in other networks and movements in consonance with its vision and mission
* To respond promptly and effectively to emerging development demands, opportunities and challenges at the national level
* To conduct research towards consolidation and enhancement of our existing interventions and initiate required further action